Loddon Hall

  1. The Management Committee of the Twyford & Ruscombe Community Association reserves the right to refuse any application for hire of accommodation at Loddon Hall.

  2. Applications for accommodation will be considered up to 12 months in advance on the understanding that the Association reserves the right to cancel any booking/s for good reason(s) given in writing to the hirer.

  3. Bookings cancelled by the hirer 28 days or more before the date of the event will be liable to a 25% cancellation charge. Less than 28 days before the event a 50% cancellation charge will be levied.

  4. All accommodation used to be left in a tidy condition.

  5. Breakages of any nature, damage etc., to be reported to the Association's representative immediately.

  6. All furniture and equipment to be returned from where it was obtained.

  7. All equipment, stores, stalls, jumble sale surplus, etc., brought onto the premises by the hirer must be removed immediately after the event has taken place.

  8. All dances and similar functions must have sufficient stewards to ensure good order and behaviour.

  9. No attachments or alterations to the rooms, walls or buildings nor any modifications to the electrical wiring to be made without permission in writing from the Management Committee.

  10. All applications for hire must-be from persons over 21 years of age. All functions for young persons must be stewarded by an adequate number of adults. (A minimum of 2 adults per 100 young persons is the legal requirement).

  11. Any person connected with or attending the function must not bring alcoholic or soft drinks into Loddon Hall.

  12. Hirers of accommodation at Loddon Hall use the premises at their own risk. All coats etc., deposited in the cloakroom or elsewhere are left at the owner's risk. All items stored on the premises not belonging specifically to the Association are not insured against any risk.

  13. Risks mentioned above include fire, theft, accident or loss from any cause.

  14. Free car parking facilities over looked by CCTV are available It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that it is used properly.

  15. A deposit of the committees discretion is required in addition to the room hire charge, as security against breakages or failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions of hire.

  16. The deposit is to be paid when the booking is made and the room hire charge will be invoiced at the end of the month of the hire and settlement of invoice is to be within 28 days.

  17. Provisional bookings will be cancelled if a booking application form is not submitted within two weeks of the date the provisional booking is made.

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