Loddon Hall

Loddon Hall

Located in Twyford, Loddon Hall serves the community and residents of Twyford and Ruscombe and the surrounding areas.  Loddon Hall is regularly used by many Clubs and Organisations for many different activities.   Loddon Hall is also available for hire for private parties, weddings and other events.  A fully equipped kitchen is available for hire for such events.  In addition to the Main Hall, there are several other rooms of different sizes that are available for hire.  Loddon Hall includes a fully licensed bar that is available for use by clubs and organisations that use Loddon hall or for private parties, weddings or other events held at Loddon Hall.  Parking is available at the front of the hall.


The Mr Misty Mystery

'The Mr. Misty Mystery' by Martin Clare, by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts, is simultaneously humorous and suspenseful. It is a full-length play set in the living room of a cheap flat in contemporary England. Will Jess allow her principles to be compromised when her flatmate Abbey requests her assistance with a devious scheme to solve their money problems? Can their hare-brained plan really succeed? This hilarious tale of subterfuge and revenge will test your detective skills and leave you guessing to the end as the plot becomes increasingly complex!

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